It’s like an unwritten universal rule that when you’re watching an Indian soap, you have got to leave behind your logic for the better. 

I mean, how else will you enjoy (read: digest) an ichadhari nagin falling in love with a human who actually wants to kill off her human husband’s family or a bahu turning into a housefly?

No law of physics is applicable when it comes to our dear ol’ Indian soaps. Just like this clip from Sasural Simar Ka. The scene is just SO bizarre that you’d want to go to the Himalayas to attain some mid-week nirvana. 

She is so desperate to stop Mataji from leaving that she somehow slips on Mataji’s shawl around her neck and chokes on it. 

All the while, Mataji doesn’t even realize what is happening which, at this point, doesn’t even surprise us anymore. Needless to say, this clip started a riot on Twitter.

You’d think that this is a one-off choking event but that’s when it gets funnier. If you had some brain cells left, they’d certainly be dead now. 

Looks like our Mataji is a serial choker but only for one victim who always manages to slip and wrap curtain/shawl around her neck.

I think UNESCO should declare this as an art. 

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised.