Okay. So, I am gonna be honest with you. What we have here is truly unique. And no, I know we say that every time a Bollywood star kid does a half-decent job in a film but this is unique. This is a Twitter page about the best movie lines ever, except it uses the name of the movie in a manner that is hilarious. 


I don’t know how else to explain this, so just trust me and roll with it. All the dudes out here, do it for a fellow brother. And all the women, you have trusted far worse people than me, and I ain’t even in your DMs. So, scroll. 

See, what I mean? This was fun, right? Sometimes, you gotta take a leap of faith. To be fair to you though, these things normally end up with me taking the mickey outta you but hey, in my defense you lot are really abusive in the comments.