Pretty early in life, I realised that if I’ll ever know any synonym for romance, it would be Shah Rukh Khan.

Imagine becoming so immersed in a fictional couple’s love story that you weep copiously when they are torn apart from each other. Cue Veer Zara title track. 

Albeit nobody is oblivious to how the film Veer Zara is a cinematic gem, what makes it more beautiful is the sequences that aren’t dialogue-heavy yet express more than words ever could.

And SRK doesn’t strew rose petals to exhibit extravagant gestures of love, instead, his glance alone works its spell.

Twitter high-key believes that SRK has raised the bar for romance or hell, invented romance and we are nodding our heads in agreement.

Reason 101 for not allowing me to settle for any less romance in real life.