Who doesn’t like spooky stories? Deep down, we all do. And today, we stumbled upon a series of Twitter threads where people revealed their spookiest horror stories that would definitely send shivers down your spine.

If you are looking forward to a sleepless night, read on.

1. These sticks and twines are going to haunt us in our dreams tonight.

2. Sleep paralysis is both scary and fascinating.

3. BC, this scared the bejesus out of us.

4. Now we’ll think twice before going to the washroom.

5. Lock your door, ALWAYS!

6. BRB, checking the vents in my house.

7. This chair scared me more than a horror movie ever can.

8. Okay, we are officially shitting our pants now.

9. Hotel horror stories > any other horror stories.

10. Who was it?

11. Saving the best one for the last!

These were quite scary. BRB, turning on all the lights in my house!