When you are a snake, the problem with kissing is that you don’t know where to stop (anatomically speaking). Like a bigger snake can literally eat up their smaller partner in passion. You know what I mean?

So, one wonders how they do it. 

Well, if Indian TV is anything to go by, they use their tongues but from a distance (smart), and it looks something like this.

Now you might think this is absurd, but can you think of any other way of snakes kissing? No, right? Then just accept what the writers of Naagin 5 have come up with.

You have no choice anyway, next week woh pataal se waapas aake laddu banayegi. So you might as well just start going with the flow from now only.

Anyway, I don’t like how they censor humans kissing on TV. Like, what is this preferential treatment? I  mean, I agree the reptiles bring a lot of TRP but ye toh basic right hai.

While I think about this, Twitter is having a field day with this iconic screenshot.

Neither of them of look like they are deriving any pleasure out of this, so I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of this technique. We gotta ‘scale’ up the representation.