Financial coaches will give you all kinds of ways to meet your money goals. But not everything a self-help book or a coach says is practical, or doable for that matter. Privilege can make accumulating and creating generational wealth a lot easier (and the lack of it, a lot harder). Which is probably why this tweet by @ShubhamShawarma about how hard work is rarely the road to generational wealth.

Obviously, there are many other things a person needs along with hard work, to create wealth! And so Shubham’s tweet makes a lot of sense. It’s relatable too! I mean, the system is kind of messed up, and often, wealth is a result of chance plus hard work, plus a good network, plus social capital.

So, here are all the interesting comments on his post. Some people had a hopeful perspective on the topic, whereas others were more realistic.

Yep, that’s why it’s called GENERATIONAL wealth.