Since the inception of time, Indian daily soaps have had an unnatural obsession with bizarre plotlines. Sometimes, a guy goes up to the moon to get chaand ka tukda to woo his girl. Other times, a guy ‘accidentally’ falls to put ek chutki sindoor on his lady love. But there’s RIP Logic at all times. 

One such WTF scene from Saath Nibhana Saathiya has been going viral on Twitter because Gopi Bahu has always been our favourite. 

This scene pretends to be about true love but subtly insinuates patriarchy that binds a woman to the kitchen and domestic chores. The husband tries to wake her wife —who is in a coma btw— by reminding her of her list of domestic duties. He literally commands his unconscious wife to get up from her coma and stop the tamasha.  

If you’re wondering what happens next, then *duh* but obviously, the woman wakes up because green tea kon banayega?


Here’s what Twitter had to say about this WTF scene from Indian daily soap.


Ahh! I guess it was all Gopi Bahu’s revenge for treating her like sh*t.

You’re absolutely correct.

And that’s just the harsh reality of the world we live in!


This scene was supposed to be perceived all cute and adorable with Gopi Bahu waking up and I’m like ‘Are you for real?’