Tyrion Lannister and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater! This the Game of Thrones spin-off we deserve. I mean, those guys are fun, right. Best of buddies, if you have been living under a rock since season 3. 

See, Tyrion and Bronn are workplace buddies. They are basically colleagues who are so tired of their bosses’ shit that they occasionally smoke up together and bitch about it. 

Tyrion and Bronn’s friendship was a matter of circumstances. Had Tyrion never been caught by Catelyn Stark and put on trial, he would have never met Bronn. 


It’s just like your buddies at work. Your introduction to them was a mutually agreed conversation forced by the environment you both are in. 

Tyrion and Bronn don’t necessarily like each other. They admire certain aspects of each other and respect their boundaries. 

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Tyrion doesn’t give a shit about who Bronn murders outside of his office hours and neither do any of us. I mean, you come to the office, we do our job together. 


We help each other out. But I don’t really care about what you had for dinner last night. 

Both of them work together because they have a common goal to achieve.


Bronn wants money and a fook’n castle! Tyrion wants power over the kingdom so that he can save it. And they work together because each can help the other to achieve that goal. 

They like partying together when the office pays for it.

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Of course, they were drinking Cersei’s wine. She is the queen. Hence, she has the finest wine in the 7 kingdoms! What I mean is, this is just like us co-workers who do not want to see each other after 8 PM but can stay late if there’s an office party!

No matter how friendly Tyrion was, Bronn expected a good appraisal.

And it is highly important that the said appraisal is granted.  If you think, Bronn would have been happy if Tyrion had not granted him the post of the Lord Commander of the golden cloaks, then you are mistaken. 


I mean, look at how unhappy he is with Jaime because he doesn’t have a castle yet.

Both Tyrion and Bronn are honest with each other. Regarding the work, at least. 


When Tyrion asks Bronn why he wants to marry Lolys Stockworth as she is ‘stupid’, Bronn tells him that if he wanted brains, he would marry Tyrion. 

Both Tyrion and Bronn have each other’s backs because otherwise, both their necks are on the line.


Whenever you’re late to work or fail to show up, your co-worker/friend makes excuses on your behalf because he expects you to do the same of the situation is reversed. 

Both use their own expertise to help the other out. 

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Tyrion’s strength lied in his knowledge and Bronn’s an important figure when it came to combat.

Both spent a shitload of time planning and plotting, none of which actually came to pass because Tyrion got fired from his job, among other things.


You might make the best plans in the world, but your boss can always send you packing. So there’s no guarantee that anything you ever planned will ever come to pass. 

Lastly, you might be best buds in office but the moment a better job offer comes along, you fucking take it. 

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Bron might have been Tyrion’s best buddy ever, but the moment Cersei offered him a job with better pay, he pounced on it. And Tyrion might have hoped that Bronn would stick around but deep down he knew that Bronn wouldn’t.


Now go find someone who gives you life advice like Bronn!