As desis we’re all very familiar with the autorickshaw (or what the rest of the world annoyingly calls tuk-tuks). The 3-wheeler that has had our hearts since forever, so much so, it never occurs to us how so many western countries may find it a little strange looking.

Which is why this news of the Gwent county police getting tuk-tuks to patrol their parks and walkways is so interesting. The motorized rickshaw that we’ve all been commuting in since childhood, is now a primary choice for the UK police to patrol their neighborhood in.

Here’s how people have responded to this epic initiative by the Gwent Police. Some have made fun of the decision, whereas others have come in defense of it, and shared that a tuk-tuk is a very efficient vehicle indeed!

They’re not saying that the vehicle will be used to chase criminals, but rather to patrol the area, and for that, the tuk-tuk seems perfect.