A sad fact about life is that a lot of greatness flies under the radar in every field. In this article, we're going to list out some stellar shows that have a 9.5 rating. That catch? You've probably never heard of them. Hopefully, these high rated shows will get the recognition they deserve.

1. Unorthodox - 95%

This German-American drama miniseries is about a young woman in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community who escapes an unhappy arranged marriage. She travels from New York to Berlin, and finds a community of musicians, but her past is never far behind. 

Source: Netflix

2. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - 95%

Presented by the inimitable Neil DeGrasse Tyson, this science documentary is a deep dive into the wonders, terrors, and questions about our universe. It traverses the halls of extinction, explores the laws of nature, and even delves into the history of our scientific awakening. 

Source: LA Times

3. Utopia (British Version) - 100%

Major emphasis on the British version. One of the most criminally underrated shows on this list, Utopia is a conspiracy thriller about a mysterious comic that's leading to everyone who knows about it getting killed. As a larger plot unfolds, the murky underbelly of a shadowy organisation comes to the fore.

Source: Den Of Geek

4. Derry Girls - 98%

Without a doubt the funniest show on this list, Derry Girls is about 5 friends in a Catholic school in 90s Ireland. They traverse an acne-filled and puberty-enhanced high school life while the violence and civil strife of the times and the region serve as a backdrop. 

Source: Channel 5

5. Unbelievable - 98%

Two detectives work on a case about a female teenager who reported being raped, but then recanted her story. The fact that there is no evidence muddies the waters. This miniseries is based on a true story.

Source: The Atlantic

6. Counterpart - 100%

Mild-mannered Howard Silk has spent years at his job at a spy agency, but doesn't seem to be going anywhere. That is, until he realises the place he works houses a gateway to a parallel universe, one where his dead wife might still be alive. Unfortunately, his counterpart in the other dimension is his exact opposite.

Source: IMDB

7. Feel Good - 100%

This British comedy-drama follows the life of Mae, a stand-up comic and recovering addict who dives into an intense relationship with a woman named George. She navigates the struggles of addiction, her own problematic behavioural patterns, of course - tough crowds.

Source: Comedy

8. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson - 96%

This sketch comedy series has a very basic premise - Time tries to get people to go away. As an alumni of Saturday Night Live, this series follows several quirky and absurd sketches, made all the better thanks to appearances by the likes of Andy Samberg and Steven Yeun.

Source: The Guardian

9. Flowers - 100%

The award-winning and supremely talented Olivia Colman stars in this dark comedy about a dysfunctional family. Colman plays a music teacher in a miserable marriage, with 2 twin children who drive her insane. The catch is, these parents are pretty damn twisted themselves.

Source: Bleedingcool

10. Rectify - 95%

A man who was wrongfully convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend is released after spending almost 20 years in prison on death row. His emotional journey back to the outside world - one of hostility, unfamiliarity, and absolute change - is not for the weak of heart.

Source: Youtube

Let us know some other shows with crazy ratings that aren't too popular.