We have been introduced to a plethora of characters, over the period of years. While some of the characters were toxic like hell, others left us with bittersweet memories. And then, there were some misunderstood characters who were unabashedly hated by the audience.

In a thread, people reveal their most unpopular opinions on several movie characters!


1. “Natasha in ZNMD wasn’t as bad as people made her out to be. She had a point (although, she was too possessive), and it’s just that her idea of marriage didn’t line up with Kabir’s.” –Anonymous

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2. “Anshuman from Jab We Met told Geet many times that he didn’t want her to come to Manali and she went anyway. Then, she was upset when he rejected her. Obviously, he wasn’t a good guy but he made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t want her to live with him.” –Shot_Blueberry2728


3. “I have seen people bashing on Avi from YJHD but he’s not really a bad person. Like yeah, he was clueless and immature but he never really gave Aditi any expectations or led her on. If anything, he had shitty friends.” –summerbreeze29


4. “Chatur from 3 Idiots. I guess, he was too nerdy and did a lot of ratta but everyone knows that you have to be smart to score the second position in a big engineering college. The movie talked about how marks don’t matter but tried to show Chatur as a less achiever because he scored the second position. No one wants to be friends with him and he was bullied in front of the whole college. It was so traumatic for him that he came back to find Rancho. His style of studying was different but practical.” –RepresentativeGift83


5. “Jai and Aditi were shitty friends in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Firstly, even in the beginning of the movie, they were obsessed with each other and didn’t pay much attention to their other friends. Later on, when Jai got a girlfriend, it was all about him or Aditi. What about their friends? No one asked them about their problems. It was always them solving Jai and Aditi’s issues. Not to mention the fact that they ruined poor Jignesh’s “surprise” party.” –CommunicationRight66


6. “Ved from Tamasha should have stayed with his job and side by side he should have taken his time out for his hobby in theatre. It’s not like people who do a corporate job leave them and “follow their passion” They take out time and be sane.” –Shot-Border2094


7. “In the movie Student Of The Year, Alia Bhatt’s character was a bitch! She didn’t tell Sidharth Malhotra that she wanted to be with him and still kissed him. She hadn’t even broken up with Varun Dhawan at the time, so she basically cheated on him. Ironic because she used to cry about how he doesn’t give her attention and flirts with other girls. And when the 2 guys fought over her, she stopped the fight and was like, “What do you guys know what I want?” Man, if you’d tell one of them, they’d know. If you were not interested, you could let them know that too.” –Anonymous

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8. “Aakash from Dil Chahta Hai was an asshole. He was a dick to his friend Sid. Your friends are supposed to understand you and not impose their archaic notions upon you. He was very rude to the girl who liked him. Although, it can be argued that she didn’t have any boundaries and was obsessive. But running away or hiding every time she called for him, was a bit immature. Although comical. He had no respect for anyone else’s boundaries. He was very intrusive with Shalini.” –pranav2402


9. “A part of me wished that Shashi from English Vinglish would go with the French guy because he wasn’t an elitist douche. But then, she also has kids, so maybe like a mini confrontational scene with the family where she directly expresses her feelings. I get that they understood that they were being douches at the speech in the wedding scene but I personally felt some small thing was missing and it could have been dealt with a little differently.” –imboredbroo


10. “Raanjhanaa isn’t a good romantic movie. Dhanush’s character is an abusive stalker who acts like an asshole throughout the whole movie. I don’t really understand how someone can like his character or find the movie romantic, it’s problematic to me.” –nightvisioneyes

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11. “Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots was toxic AF. Lied to get in. Bullied nerd classmates and played a rape joke prank with them in a major function. Literally ruining the college function and the guy. Ghosted his so-called love. After getting drunk and pissing on her father’s lawn because he didn’t like his teaching methods.” –BornJinx


12. “Well, the only person who was sane and realistic in Kabir Singh was Preeti’s father. Like which father would like to get his daughter married to a guy whose intro was while smoking and the second time he was kissing his daughter woh bhi ussi ki terrace pe.” –nodaddynot2night


13. “Kuljeet from DDLJ. Poor thing was cheated on big time.” –BreakfastOriginal

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14. “Aamir Khan is the villain in Dangal. He forces both his daughters into a career that they maybe didn’t want.” –cjuiti1029


What do you think of these characters?