Delhi is one hell of a place. Lively, crazy and diverse, just like its citizens. Anyone who comes to Delhi finds it a bit intimidating and weird at first. But pretty soon, they figure everything out and of Delhi and settle right in. Here are a few unsaid rules of Delhi every Delhiite swears by.

1. The first unsaid rule of Delhi is, you do not ask about the unsaid rules of Delhi.

2. The second unsaid rule of Delhi is, you DO NOT ask about the Goddamn rules!

3. If you fart in the metro, you MUST punch yourself.

4. Only four guys to a bike.

5. The last gol-gappa is always free.

6. If you’re not from D.U, you’re not cool.

7. You must always say 5 minutes and take 5 hours to do something.

8. You MUST always bargain with an auto-wallah.

9. You can talk about your new Ray Bans as LONG as you want to.

10. If someone parks in your spot, you HAVE to slash his tyres.

11. If you get stuck in traffic, you’ve GOT to honk like a giant douche-copter.

12. If you go to HauzKhas Village, you MUST dress like a hipster.

13. If someone is playing a Yo Yo Honey Singh song, you HAVE to grab your crotch, bob your head and sing along.

14. If you want to take a rickshaw, you must call him “Bhaayah.”

15. And if this is your first day in Delhi, then you HAVE to swear.