There’s no doubt that our tinsel town looks all glitzy and glamorous from the outside. However, there are also some unspoken rules and truths about the film industry that no one really highlights. In a thread, people revealed some unsaid rules of the film industry and we have compiled the best ones for you. Keep reading!


1. “Senior actresses are always suffixed with the word – ji.”

– OnlineGranny007

2. “The lead actresses only become “best friends” with other actresses who aren’t in the same league. For example, Sonam with Swara/Jacqueline or Kareena with Amrita Arora. The actresses in the same league are always pitted against each other like Kareena with Priyanka, Deepika with Sonam/Katrina or Alia vs Parineeti.”

– sassysaasu

3. “Food is separately prepared for the main star cast and for the rest of the technicians on a film set, as mentioned by Deepika Padukone.”

– OnlineGranny007

4. “One of the oldest rules of Bollywood was to keep everything a secret. It’s like a cult. You couldn’t talk about abuse or differences in the press. Vivek (Oberoi) broke that rule when he went to the press. However, his father, Suresh Oberoi, went to Salim Khan and apologize on his son’s behalf.”

– EccentricBai

5. “Do not tease, criticize or question nepo kids. You can use Kriti Sanon, Kartik Aryan, Kangana Ranaut (5 years ago), or any other non-insiders for tough or tricky questions. It’s the unspoken rule of most of the talk show hosts like Anupama and Karan Johar.”

– vb2333

6. “Your issue with someone is not going to affect my relationship with that person, even though you and I have been friends for decades. For example, Farah Khan continues to banter with Kartik Aryan even though she is a part of Karan Johar’s inner circle.”

– OnlineGranny007

7. “The very next morning after any actress spoke about their casting couch or abuse experience was outcasted. Everyone knows who’s dating and who’s sleeping around. They all just don’t disclose in public.”

– EccentricBai

8. “There cannot be any actual or rumoured affair between the main lead and a supporting actor.”

– OnlineGranny007

9. “You can say no to a Kouch invite and still stay in Karan Johar’s good books only if you are from one of the tier 1 film families like Bachchans, (Raj) Kapoors or (SRK) Khans etc.”

– MiaOh

10. “I might be your family friend for years, but if I doubt your acting skills, I will not cast you. Karan Johar might give all the hugs and kisses to Sonam Kapoor during her wedding celebrations, but he still hasn’t worked with her for the second time.”

– OnlineGranny007

11. “Act as if you are always busy and have to go somewhere whenever people are around because if you become too easy to talk to and approachable, the star quality in you would fade away.”

– ContentEmerald

12. “Bachchans continue to be revered and treated as the first family of Bollywood even though their box office power at this point of time is highly questionable.”

– OnlineGranny007

Bollywood – what a confusing world!