Most of us would love to be friends with Bollywood celebs. Who wouldn’t love a taste of the high life, with its fair share of fame, luxury, and ready flow of Instagrammable pictures? 

But while some of us only dream of being a part of the world the celebrities inhabit, someone has already achieved that dream. 

And no, it’s not Karan Johar. It’s Instagram user ‘unseenfriend’. 

The user, who refers to himself as ‘Bollywood’s Favorite Friend’, shares photos with his ‘celebrity friends’ that apparently both the celebrity and the paparazzi forget to post… or even click. 

And there’s not a single celebrity who has not managed to get into a frame with him. 

Hell, even Saif and Kareena would rather hang out with him than Taimur!

Whether it’s officiating Bollywood’s fanciest weddings or shopping with Bollwyood royalty, the unseen friend can be seen everywhere. 

Like most Bollywood celebs, his fitness quotient is on point. 

And yet he sometimes falls under the director’s cut. 

Still, he persists, with no celeb airs and fighting the same struggles like the rest of us! 

But, whether it is a car, cycle, or even auto, he’d ride them all to Instafame. 

In fact, he even helps out with managing Bollywood performances, because kaam se badhkar kuchh nahin. 

But when all the work is done, it’s time to relax in style. 

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Clearly, this man has achieved the heights of fame that us mere mortals only dream of!