Every time we enter a new year, the internet comes together to discuss what we’re ditching and what we’re following through with for that year. This year, people on Reddit have come forward to talk about what is acceptable while dating in 2023. And we’re here for it! Here, take a look for yourself.

1. “1.) When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. 2.) If they wanted to they would. Remember to treat yourself as a priority, not a choice! This is my mantra.”


2. “If they say ‘You’re too good for me,’ leave it there. They will show you why they said that later on, and it will hurt more.

Leave after the first sign of disrespect. I wish someone would’ve told me this a while ago & it could’ve saved me a world of hurt. Please don’t ignore the red flags.”


3. “If they want to text you, they will. There is no point in chasing ghosts. Worry less about if they’ll like you and focus on whether or not you like them. First date should always be in public. And, be yourself, so you don’t waste anyone’s time.”


4. “I’m not doing situationships or casual dating anymore. I’d rather rip my eyelashes out one by one. If we go on dates and we like each other, but you don’t want a relationship/just want something casual, I’ll bounce. Fuck that shit.”


5.”Unless it’s explicitly stated that you’re in an exclusive relationship, assume you aren’t. In the era of dating apps where it is normal to juggle a few matches at a time. It too often happens that after meeting up with someone regularly for a few weeks people fall into a more intimate dynamic and assume that they have organically become a monogamous couple.

But unless the words ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ or ‘relationship/monogamy’ has come up, this assumption could be wrong and the person could still be seeing other people casually. Don’t rely on assumptions about your dynamic, if you want the person you’re seeing to commit to an exclusive relationship, tell them clearly about this expectation and have the conversation.”


6. “Stop expecting people to be mind readers and tell them what you want or don’t want. If they can’t handle your truth then that’s their problem not yours.”


7. “Never chase a person, never be desperate. The ‘I don’t have time’ excuse is BS, if they want to see you, no matter how busy they are, they will make time. Don’t ignore the red flags, trust your gut. The mind games are BS only teens indulge in, and that as adults our time and energy is precious, don’t waste it on someone who isn’t worthy of you.

Be upfront and honest about your intentions. It saves everyone so much time and feelings. If you want a relationship say it, if you want to date around and hook up with no strings attached be honest. Don’t lead people on.”


8. “OnlyFans is rising in popularity and whilst your partner may have been open to you watching porn, I think it’s important to discuss both of your views relating to this site. And whether they consider this cheating. The levels of intimacy between the content creator and the person viewing on this site are of a different level and this can change the dynamic completely.”


9. “You don’t know the person in front of you, so keep that in mind while sharing stuff about yourself. Don’t go too deep into personal topics on first dates.

An example would be your address. Do not share it before you go on the date, during the first date or even after it. Meet in public for at least three times.”


10. “People should be really careful not to share their deepest vulnerabilities so quickly. Some people feel comfortable ‘oversharing’ without realizing it exposes them to being taken advantage of.”


11. “Watch out for Manosphere jargon and talking points and be aware of out of context physical contact.”


12. “Get in the habit of asking, ‘Does this person add value to my life or take away from it?’ Does being with them make you feel better or worse? I find most people don’t ask themselves this.


13. “ 1.) Have fun but keep your head on a swivel.

2.) Don’t ignore ANY flags, even yellow ones!

3.) Be patient and intentional.

4.) Make sure your potential partner is also being patient and intentional.

5.) Date people who are in the same headspace as you.


14. “Don’t subject yourself to undisciplined guys who follow trillions of sexy accounts online. There are men out there who are loyal and only have eyes for you, I found mine.”


15. “If it’s never their fault or they don’t say sorry and MEAN it. RUN!”


So, as much as situationships is one of the most recognized words this year, it’s definitely not a desirable dating outcome and OnlyFans is a very blurry line that needs to be had a conversation over. Got it!