Talent comes in all shapes and forms. It can be seen in a child who dances to every Bollywood song in front of the mirror, or that classmate who loves bringing their guitar everywhere. And apparently, singer, as well as dancer, Varun Dagar is so full of talent that we just couldn’t stop ourselves from talking about him. 

The busker can often be seen performing abstract dance or singing in Delhi’s Connaught Place. Though just to say this about him would be an understatement, because Varun’s performance videos have been receiving quite the limelight. 

What’s inspiring to see is that the artist is not only skilled at dancing but is a great singer as well. Dagar frequently uploads videos of himself either singing and playing his guitar privately or performing on streets. And man, does this guy have a soulful voice! 

Varun Dagar also recently appeared as a contestant on India’s Best Dancer, Season 2, and left all the judged mind blown! He’s been a part of other dance shows such as Just Dance India and World Of Dance. The guy is a true artist, he puts himself out there and only performs for his sheer love of the song and dance. 

Doing it just for the love of it, he deserves all the applause in the world.