All India Rank is here for audiences to finally watch, and as far as the reviews go, there’s a lot to love. When a film is made with the intent to share your story, that is all heart, the love comes across on-screen. While promoting the film, Varun Grover did a podcast with comics who have previously studied engineering. The episode featured Abhishek Upmanyu, Biswa Kalyan Rath & Prashasti Singh in conversation.

All India Rank

The stories, the opinions and everything in-between was as sweet as the film itself. And here’s what caught our attention.

1. When Biswa addressed the flaws in the education system.

While talking about entrance exams and JEE preparation, Biswa addressed that the education system and the process is flawed. He pointed out that the competition almost denies some people access to good education – which makes a lot of sense as an argument. The fact that we make education sound like a luxury, and treat it like a reward system for having more money is messed up.

2. When he opened up about the logistics associated with entrances.

In also talking about entrance exams and the competition associated with them, Biswa mentioned that they act as a filter. And while filters are supposed to make the process seem better, it takes away from the intent of ultimately wanting to get into a good college. Basically, if all academic achievers get into an IIT, then what even is the point of an IIT?

3. When Abhishek Upmanyu got real about not caring about the college degree.

The comic studied engineering, and so he talked about his experiences from college and how he had realized that it was not a space that he enjoyed. He shared that after getting into an engineering college, he wasn’t keen about the curriculum because it didn’t interest him. So he would focus on things that he actually liked doing – according to him, he had his priorities sorted.

4. When Prashasti Singh said that she wasn’t aware what she was getting into.

While talking about her coaching days, Prashasti shared that she like studying for the entrance exam. However, the format and curriculum wasn’t similar when she actually ended up into a college that she liked. The content was certainly different, but there were no proper tools for students that would make it all interesting for them. In a way, the thing that she wanted made the process seem not so worth it in the end.

5. When Varun Grover talked about the pressures associated with IIT-JEE.

While talking about the story of his film, and the intent of making it, Varun Grover said that the age at which students are made to start preparing for competitive exams is too young. He added that when students start preparing for these competitive exams, they hardly know what they wish to do. It’s as if, they are forced into a set-up before even understanding what it is.

6. When he also talked about the pressures of getting into a good coaching.

He shared that when he was studying in Lucknow, there were very few centres at the time. So, there was this one place, where almost all aspirants wanted to get in. It was so full, literally, that at one point there used to be stampedes to find a seat. This was just sheer example of the kind of competition it all begins with.

7. When Biswa summed up the problem in one line.

In talking about the competition, and the pressure that comes with it, Biswa summed it all up in one line. He said that there should be enough IITs for every aspirant to get a good education. It shouldn’t be about being able to afford, or access good curriculum or placements. It should boil down to offering everyone equal chances. It was something very profound in a very simple thought.

8. When he pointed at the lack of logic associated with ‘the big dream’.

Biswa shared a small anecdote related to how his family would push him to pursue engineering, and eventually get into an IIT. He mentioned that in talking about this dream that so many kids grow up around, no one talks about education. People only talk about how getting into a reputed university would help them succeed in life – they don’t care about the today.

You must watch it, because you will be left with a lot to think about.