If you are a woman, you are definitely going to relate to this article. Think of the number of times you asked a man to do something but you turned it down by saying “rehne do, main khud hi kar deti hoon“. You turned it down because you knew that the man will end up making the simple task ten times more difficult. Well, Richa Chadha talked about this same thing on a podcast and we are having a #relate moment.

Speaking at the IVM Podcasts, Richa Chadha was on a panel with Meghnad S and Shreyas Manohar. She spoke about why women often end up saying “Rehne do, main hi kar deti hoon” whenever they ask a man to do a job.

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Richa Chadha goes on to explain that the statement isn’t an act of self-sacrifice but it stems from how men have no idea how to do basic chores, have no idea where things are in their own house, and need to be handheld for even doing the most simple of tasks. I mean how difficult it is to know what ingredient is where in your kitchen at your own house.

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When you have to handhold and guide someone through all the steps, it becomes less of a help and more of a hassle. It’s only natural for women to ask men to forget it because they can do the same job quicker and more swiftly.

The video went viral and it garnered over 56K likes, more than 400 comments, and over one million views. Here’s what people had to say about it.

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Frankly speaking, it’s not a woman’s job to teach a man how to do simple chores.

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