After breaking down the Indian Elections, and calling out flawed gender roles, lyricist, writer, and stand-up comic Varun Grover is back. And this time around, he’s focusing on the system of security checks in India. 

In his latest stand-up video, Grover begins by talking about the most famous message on the Indian WhatsApp groups… after NASA’s Diwali photo, of course. Yes, he’s talking about ‘the UN declaring Indian National Anthem as the best in the world.’

He then moves on to discuss security checks, or rather, the guards that are conducting these security checks. Especially at mall entrances. 

Of course, he raises the right question – is that security check really enough to stop a terrorist?

And though he digresses to answer the age-old questions, “what’s in a name”, he ultimately moves to airport security. 

Short, brief, and on-point, this is one stand-up video that you must watch. If only to understand why Grover ended up peeling 2 kgs of “water chestnuts” at an airport: 

All images are screenshots from the video, unless specified otherwise.