You know why the internet is still one of the most interesting spaces created (you’d think us humans would be over of the innovation by now)? Well, in my opinion, it’s because there’s something new to to see everyday. Thousands of people sharing their perspectives publicly, giving us all something to think about. 

Much like this tweet of a Venn diagram connecting Tiger Shroff’s upcoming film, Heropanti 2, VC funding, and forests. Yup, you read that right. 

In the diagram, Twitter user Vivek Raju shared his ‘profound’ findings. 

Come on, tell me that you aren’t laughing or at the very least chuckling at this epiphany that seems like it quite literally fell from the sky? What a way to look at things. *Hailing at this guy’s perspective.* 

While some people were beyond stunned at how he connected all these dots, others thought the correlation was genius work. 

Can we call this a by-chance masterpiece?