The latest episode of Koffee With Karan featured Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal on the Koffee couch and the two actors spilled a lot of tea about their married lives, proposals, and the success of their films. To add to it, the Koffee games brought out their fun side and it was nice to see these two powerhouses of talent let their hair down and just be in their element.

Speaking to Vicky Kaushal, Karan Johar asked him about his experience of working alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the upcoming movie, Dunki. The actor spoke about how enamoured he was while working with SRK. He added how the shoot taught him a lot as an actor.


While talking about his experience, Vicky Kaushal had the utmost respect for Shah Rukh Khan and it felt like he was talking about a kind mentor.

vicky kaushal

Vicky Kaushal narrated an incident from the Dunki sets where he was supposed to film a scene with SRK. He mentioned how the actor could not be present because of his busy schedule and Rajkumar Hirani got a body double instead. Vicky shot the scene with him and everyone was happy with the shot. However, SRK texted him later to apologize and said that he would reshoot the scene with him.

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Vicky Kaushal mentioned that the shot only featured Shah Rukh’s shoulder and he did not need him to be present there. The fact that SRK was dedicated to his craft even when the camera was not really on him made Vicky respect him even more.

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It is because of this dedication that Shah Rukh Khan is what he is. He reached there because of his sheer hard work. Truly, SRK is the last of the superstars.

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