Most days we rue our decision to be on social media, but once in a while, something wholesome pops up on these platforms to redeem that. A viral video of a 19-year-old teenager sprinting down a Noida road at midnight has spread a similar feeling among the viewers.  


What is so remarkable about a boy running down an empty street, one might wonder. The clip, which has racked up millions of views, unfolds a motivating story that deserves everyone’s attention. Pradeep Mehra, a teenager from Uttarakhand, who is juggling work and his aspiration to join the army, has become a beacon of dedication through the video.

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri, who first spotted the guy while driving past him on the sidewalk, once again met Mehra to inform him about the praises he has been garnering. And, with his utmost modesty and innocence, the young boy responded to the news of going viral, once again, proving to be an inspiration.

During his initial conversation with the filmmaker, Mehra, who works part-time at Mcdonald’s, stated that he doesn’t have time to train in the morning because he needs to get up at 8 a.m for work. Mehra runs a 10-kilometre stretch every day from his workplace in Sector 16 in Noida to his house in Barola, where he lives with his brother.  

His second encounter with Kapri, like his first, is receiving a lot of praise on social media.

Mehra, and his outlook on life, is truly inspiring.