Amidst the BoycottBollywood trend, Liger has made it to our cinema halls finally. Starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday in the lead roles, the Indian sports action film is finally receiving Janta reviews.   

India Today

Following this, two men who watched Liger in the theatre gave their honest reviews and it looks hilarious. Looks like in just a 30-sec clip they have ripped the movie apart and here’s what they said:

Movie dekh ke chup chap se nikal jana… bolna ki maine dekha hi nahi… nahi toh bahar izzat jayegi aisa movie dekha toh. Dekho aa ke agar Vijay Deverakonda fan ho toh… Vijay Deverakonda ko dekh ke enjoy karo… aur chale jao… bus…

Watch the full clip here:

People are finding this review more entertaining than the movie and we kinda agree. Have a look:

Not sure about the movie but this review looks promising, lol. Someone please give them a talk show already.

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