Vir Das is one intelligent, funny guy. He forces you to question things, all the while making you laugh with jokes on ‘relatable material’, as he’s done with his latest series on YouTube, #TenonTen

Now, he’s released a small video where, at the end of his act, he takes on the audience’s questions. And his answers, much like his set, are hilariously on-point. 

From responding to the allegations that comedians are only funny because they do ‘Trump, Modi jokes’ to commenting on how we would handle the ‘rape situation in India’ if he was the President, Das certainly touches upon more topics than even our politicians do during press conferences. 

And of course, he takes on the ever famous question about how can freedom of speech exist without hurting people’s sentiments. 

Though his response to what he hopes India would be, ten years down the line, is easily the best part about the whole video. 

Honest, hilarious, and heartwarming, Vir Das is at his natural best in this video. 

You can watch the complete video here: 

All images are screenshots from the video, unless specified otherwise.