After being nominated for the International Emmy Awards for Comedy, Vir Das won the award for his Netflix special, Vir Das: Landing. He shared the award with Derry Girls Season 3. In 2021, he was nominated in the same category for his special, Vir Das: For India, but this time he brought the award home. This marks the first time India has won the award in this category and with this win, Vir Das has scripted history.

In an Instagram post, Vir Das shared a monologue with a heart-touching caption. He wrote, “The universe is a full circle. So just wanted to say thanks 🙏 and that if anyone out there is ever in the dark, stay till sunlight, and know that love will find you and the universe will carry you.” The monologue will move you and make you emotional.

He says, “Look, I would not wish feeling like you have let your entire country down on my worst enemy. I wouldn’t. On the night I was called a terrorist, I was nominated for an Emmy Award.” He recalls how he was contemplating suicide at the Beekman in New York because of the immense amount of shame and pressure that had gotten to him.

Take a look at the video here.

Vir Das adds, “You realize that hate is yelled but love is felt. It is unfair to expect people to yell love. You should just be grateful that they feel it in the first place. But if you are ever at the receiving end of hate, from my family to you, I just want you to know that love is always playing right underneath.”


He thanks his audience and ends the monologue with something that will give you hope in these dark times. He says, “You just can’t hear it (love) in the darkness. You gotta hang out till sunlight and you’ll hear it. It’s soft but it’s not weak. I promise you.”

His monologue has made everyone emotional. It has fetched over 20.3 likes and more than 397K views. Here’s what they had to say.

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The Indian comedy scene prospers only because of comedians like Vir Das.