It’s normal to want a semblance of home, even if you’re away from a place that you call one. There’s this unsaid common practice of desis finding a community, whenever they’re abroad. It’s sweet; and a recent picture shared by Vir Das posed as a perfect example for it.

Vir Das

After his Emmy win, the comedian shared a group photo of the all the Indian artists who were nominated for the International Emmy Awards. He wrote: “We all went out to a quiet dinner, celebrated each others work, and genuinely rooted for each other.” The picture included artists from different formats and backgrounds.

Emmy Awards

While seeing Indian shows and work being recognized feels like a win itself, this one image brings a smile. We keep hearing about animosity in the industry, and people barely talk about friendships or just admiration for someone else’s work. So, this is both new and nice.

The comments on the post are proof:

Group photos are clearly the best thing.