While awards no longer hold the grand stature they used to, back in time, nothing makes us more excited than deserving candidates winning them. What makes the occasion more memorable is their heartfelt award-acceptance speech.

Vir Das, who won an Emmy Award for Vir Das: Landing in the Comedy category, delivered a brilliant speech after winning the award that made a home in the audience’s hearts.


In his acceptance speech, he mentioned that more than anything else, he’s here for his nation. He then went on and thanked his audience for laughing at his jokes and loving him. After a sweet message, he said goodbye to everyone in different Indian languages and thanked them for being there with him.

“Thank you for your laughter. More than anything else I am here for India. I would like to thank you for your laughter. It is a symphony of love, it is an orchestra of freedom, it is a universal lyric that reminds us we are not alone and it is the soundtrack to this idiot’s life. May it play louder until the entire world dances with us. Thank you. Namaste. Jai Hind. Assalamualaikum. Sat Sri Akaal. Love and peace. Thank you.”


Here’s how his fans are responding to his speech:


Here’s the video:


This is what we call the perfect landing!