Paparazzi in India have a trademark style, and we don’t talk about it enough. The constant commentary when celebrities pose for them is one example – remember ‘Tommy’ and ‘Kya Spiderman banega re tu‘, or well, other remarks? Of course, it’s not just about taking pictures anymore – there’s an entire social media presence that paps manage.

So, there’s an evolution of pap-culture, which we need to talk about. Probably because some of it is getting out of hands. For instance, the captions on reels that Viral Bhayani posts. They can make you laugh, worry or get you to feel plain awkward – there’s an entire range of things that you can feel. It’s like being in a family WhatsApp group. We’ve got proof:

1. Here, simp is an understatement.

2. The person clearly runs a Tara Sutaria fan page.

3. I lost trail. Now, is she diamond or fire?

4. ‘Cos every man is a jiju and every woman is a bhabhi.

5. Or here – someone decided to put every possible synonym of the word ‘shine’. We GET IT, she’s wearing something sparkly.

6. They start normally, and everything goes downhill from there.

7. And some (read: all) captions have a constant theme of dramatization.

8. She dazzles, she shimmers, she radiates… she dazzles.

9. Casually downplaying the role of blood and oxygen and the basic functioning of body.

10. Just Viral Bhayani and his Shakespeare-esque fan club.

If you aren’t reading these, you’re missing out.