If you stay abreast with every gossip in the tinsel town of Bollywood then I bet you follow Viral Bhayani on Instagram. Bhayani is among the top few paparazzi who are famed for celebrity spotting, with 2.8 million followers on Instagram.


Although he is usually in the good books of the fans for spilling the up-to-date information of their favourite celebs, recently he is being called out for his approach of sharing celeb news.

Due to another wave of Coronavirus, many celebrities are testing COVID positive and Bhayani, like a true pap is making sure that the news reaches us.

However his choice of pictures, particularly of the female celebs to disseminate the news is questionable. The majority of the photographs uploaded on his page are of them in swimsuits. 

Not sure if it is a deliberate attempt, regardless, the pattern can’t go unnoticed.

The visuals, in fact, are irrelevant to the serious news of them testing COVID positive. And if it’s to indicate that the celebs are getting infected while on vacation, it hardly serves as a convincing argument considering the gravity of the news being shared. 

The selection of the photos has induced some thoughts in the public.


What do you think about it?