The couple goals since 2014, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have proven time and time again that love only ascends with every moment spent with your partner.

It’s well-known that this beautiful couple would never shy away from pouring out a gamut of emotions and publicly acknowledge each other’s significance in their lives. 

And yet again, on their 4th wedding anniversary, Virat Kohli has put his heart on his sleeve to celebrate the colours Anushka adds to his life.

Kohli has shared a series of photos on Instagram with a heartfelt note for his wife, who, together with their baby, completes his life.

4 years and the couple is head over heels in love, just like the 1st year. Urgently in need of a love like that!

Here goes the fun-loving yet oh-so-touching caption that made our hearts full:

4 Years of you handling my silly jokes and my laziness 🤪. 4 years of you accepting me for who I am everyday and loving me regardless of how annoying I can be. 4 years of the greatest blessing god could’ve showered on us. 4 years of being married to The most honest, loving, brave woman and the one who inspired me to stand by the right thing even when the whole world could be against you. 4 years of being married to YOU. You complete me in every way, I’ll always love you with all that I have and more ❤️. This day is more special as its our first anniversary as a family and life is complete with this little munchkin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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