For some of us, reality TV shows are like a saving grace amidst the boredom of daily life. I mean, you can’t deny the fun in watching all the drama unfold. And I think it is safe to say that MTV Splitsvilla is one such show. The reality series has constantly given its audience a generous dose of spicy couple gossip to bond over. 


Plus, so many of us became such hard-core, faithful fans of certain duos and couples! So, here is a list of the most popular MTV Splitsvilla couples, to go back in time a little and relive those days! Read on.  

1. Gurmeet Singh Rehal and Kavya Khurana

Both Gurmeet and Kavya won Splitsvilla’s 9th season. Though Gurmeet had even proposed to Kavya, they split up after some time of dating one another. 


2. Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze

As we all know, Prince Narula was one of the most popular contestants of the show. According to reports, the two dated each other after the show as well, but eventually, ended up parting ways.


3. Ashish Chaudhary and Archana Choudhary

From fan pages to Instagram posts dedicated to the couple, Ashish and Archana were also one of the most loved couples on MTV Splitsvilla. And they even got eliminated together (we rise together, go down together type of love I guess!). 


4. Ashwini Koul and Sanjana Ganesh

Both Ashwini Koul and Sanjana Ganesh were contestants on Splitsvilla 7 and were very much in love with each other. But today, both Ganesh and Koul are on separate paths and happy with their respective partners. 


5. Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sakshi Pradhan

Even though these two had many haters for doing anything and everything to win the show, the fact that they actually won proves that they were obviously doing something right! 


6. Manish Khanna and Pooja Bisht

If the show had given these two a title or an award, they would have gotten one for being a very aesthetically pleasing pair. They looked great together and the audience loved that!


7. Vishal Karwal and Shraddha Haribhai

Winners of the first season Vishal Karwal and Shraddha Haribhai were another very loved couple. Though the two parted ways soon after the show ended. 


8. Utkarsh Gupta and Sana Sayyad

Utkarsh Gupta and Sana Sayyad were seen together on Splitsvilla‘s season 8 and even though the two were quite endearing together, they eventually parted ways. And later there were rumours about Sana Sayyad dating Aswini Koul as well. 


9. Ayaz Ahmed and Priyanka Purohit

Ayaz Ahmed and Priyanka Purohit were together in Splitsvilla 7 and continued to see each other post the show, but soon broke up because unfortunately they realised they were incompatible


10. Mayank Gandhi and Rashi Sharma

Mayank and Rashi were probably the cutest couple on Splitsvilla. Though sadly they didn’t last very long!


11. Abhishek Malik and Khushi Bhat

Also another cute couple, Abhishek Malik and Khushi Bhat were the most talked about duo on the show. No wonder they won second place in the 7th season!


Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with these!