Day 12 of social isolation — I have finished the internet. It does feel like that we have basically ended up 

It does feel like that we've been consuming content at a frantic pace ever since we've begun socially isolating ourselves. And we're not alone. Even celebrities are in the same boat, scrounging up across OTTs and binging on their favourite shows.

So if you don't know what you should be watching, you can take inspiration from these celebrities and the shows they're watching.

1. Ranveer Singh

A great comedy-drama series, Succession on Hotstar Premium follows the life of the Roy family, owners of a huge media empire, where the patriarch is on his last legs and his children are preparing (fighting) for a life after their father.

2. Ronit Roy

Who doesn’t want to watch a Neeraj Pandey creation? After A Wednesday, Special 26 & Baby, Special Ops on Hotstar VIP seems to take the genre a notch higher. Copy that Ronit Roy!

3. Anurag Kashyap

Keh ke de diya... recommendation. Devs on Hotstar Premium is a spanking new techno thriller that has been garnering a cult following across the world. Alex's Garland's latest is about a lady, who is investigating a secretive development division of her organisation, a cutting edge tech company in Silicon Valley, which she believes is responsible for her boyfriend's murder.

4. Arjun Kapoor

Workout + The Stranger. What a combo! This new British series is about a stranger in her mid 20s wearing a baseball cap who knows of a secret that changes a man's life. 

5. Sorabh Pant

Travel the (West)world with the internet. The Sci-Fi dystopian adventure show has become super popular for its plot & storyline. The themes that Westworld deals in are so relevant that you're forced to think about them at times in context of your own life. Another from Hotstar's extensive library. 

6. Hina Khan 

And we’re back with the Internet's current favourite, Special Ops — which is now streaming on Hotstar VIP! Even Hina can’t take her eyes off the action and suspense. 

All of this just goes to show that celebs are people too. So take a leaf out of their book — stay at home and maybe binge watch some shows. Which one are you going to watch?