Hey y’all, is monsoon treating you good? Or is it just hampering your plans and forcing you to stay indoors? 

Well, regardless, we recommend chai and pakode and a bingeworthy show you can enjoy while you’re indoors. At least that’s what we did (and we’re not complaining). SonyLIV released Avrodh Season 2 -The Siege Within, and we binged it right away! The sequel, however, is not connected to its prequel. 

Here are 4 reasons why Avrodh Season 2 -The Siege Within should be on your weekend watchlist:

1. The uniqueness of the story.

While we have already seen many military dramas, this is a unique story of how the nation is faced with a military AND economic threat. We see our protagonist play the dual role of an army captain and income tax officer, which is pretty cool and new to watch.The show also integrates the event of demonetization really well. 

2. Inspired by real life incidents 

The show is roughly based on India’s Most Fearless by Shiv Aroor. The arch of the protagonist is inspired from the life of a true hero—Maj Pradeep Arya. His character is played by Abir Chatterjee in the show. So we see a rough depiction of reality in a lot of places and you will be blown away by the events that unfold. The creators did justice to the plot and yet kept the authenticity of the show intact. It shows a good representation of the Indian soldiers and intel forces.

3. Swoon-worthy locations.

Not kidding, some of these beautiful locations will make you pack your bags and go on a nice vacation in the northern India. A lot of the sequences are shot in Jammu and they look exquisite! However, the director has admitted how difficult it was to actually finish the shoot on time due to the freezing temperatures. And all of that, was totally worth it. Picturesque locations clubbed with outstanding cinematography really delivered well for the show.

4. A beautiful balance of action, drama and patriotism

Avrodh checks all the boxes of a good thriller. We see a lot of emotional dilemma that our characters face, as well as the physical battles they fight. The action sequences are anxiety inducing, making it a perfect treat for every thriller lover! The aspect of patriotism is seamlessly integrated without being too much in the face, and the credit for this totally goes to Abir Chatterjee.

The show gives us a glimpse of what goes into the uplifting the economical, political, and military state of the country. We also get an idea about how the army works round the clock to ensure our safety. The episodes are well-structured and tie up the underlying plots of the show very nicely. Despite following an independent storyline, Avrodh Season 2 -The Siege Within still shares the same core as its prequel—celebrating the true spirits of the Indian army. So go ahead, stream it on SonyLIV right away!

Watch the trailer here.

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