If you’re looking for the perfect romantic show to sit cozily and binge-watch while you enjoy the rainy season, then perhaps this list will help decide what to watch. 

Here, we’ve ranked romantic shows on Netflix that are least to most binge-able. Happy scrolling. 

24. Soundtrack 

Soundtrack is a fairly simple depiction of the love lives of a group of people living in LA. Also, as you can probably guess, the show is a musical. 

23. Sweet Magnolias  

Sweet Magnolias showcases the lives and romantic encounters of people living in a southern town in America. It has that Gossip Girl and Bridgerton vibe as juicy gossip surrounds the characters of the show . 

22. Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast had released back in 2014. The show is a modern-day interpretation of the fairytale. Although the performances in the show were alright to watch, something about the recreation of the show with a modern-day twist didn’t sit right. 

21. Twice Upon A Time 

The show is about a man who gets the opportunity to time travel and give his relationship another chance by doing so. Along with being a romance series, this one is a sci-fi too. 

20. Summertime 

The one thing that makes this show a good watch is how the backdrop is that of a little port town in Italy. Summertime is about two people who find themselves falling for each other while simultaneously dealing with life and career tribulations.

19. A Suitable Boy 

A Suitable Boy is a story about Lata Mehra, a young university girl living in post-independence India and her mother’s quest to find her a good man to marry. Throughout the journey, Lata meets multiple suitors and is asked to decide from the options. 

18. Love Alarm 

This is a Korean show about an application that can help people find love by alerting them if someone within a 10-meter radius has feelings for them. 

17. Feels Like Ishq 

Feels Like Ishq is an anthology of 6 different love stories. It primarily depicts young love between the couples.

16. Love O2O 

Love O2O is a Chinese show about two people who become acquainted online and consider marrying one another in order to enter couples in-game competitions. 

15. Touch Your Heart

This K-drama is a love story about Oh Jin-shim, a famous actor who has to take a break from her acting career after a major scandal. The only way she can kickstart her acting career again is by working as an assistant for a lawyer named Kwon Jung-rok. I guess it’s pretty easy to foretell what happens next, right?


14. Jane The Virgin  

The show is about a Venezuelan-American woman named Jane, who gets pregnant via accidental artificial insemination. The romance and chemistry only truly starts when she meets the child’s father. 

13. Accidentally In Love

Accidentally In Love is a Chinese hate-to-love story about Chen Qing Qing, a young woman who flees from a marriage she doesn’t intend on entering and Situ Feng, an arrogant musician. 

12. Her Private Life

Her Private Life revolves around Sung Deok-mi and her secret crush on K-pop star, Cha Shi-an.  

11. The Vampire Diaries 

We all know how much people loved watching the chemistry between Elena and Stefan…. and Damon! The show is known for its complex love triangle dynamic. Plus, the eye candy in the show is undoubtedly one of the greatest incentives to watch it. 

10. Something In The Rain 

Something In The Rain is a K-drama that depicts a romance between two people who are trying to navigate through the judgement that their relationship receives for having an age difference. But simultaneously it also shows the different ways in which women have to deal with sexism in the workplace. The show is definitely a good watch, as the romance & chemistry between the two will keep you hooked. 

9. Feel Good 

Feel Good depicts a love story where one is a former drug addict, the other is hesitant to come out to her friends and tell them of her partner. The show is a solid depiction of a same-sex relationship and keeps things real. 

8. Easy 

The best part about Easy is that it depicts multiple people’s love lives in a microscopic way and gives people a pretty realistic perspective on modern relationships. The backdrop of the show is Chicago city. 

7. Little Things  

This show is a great comfort watch. It depicts the lives of Dhruv and Kavya, a couple that is in a live-in relationship in Mumbai. Little Things takes its viewers on a journey along with these two, as their relationship changes and evolves through many changes. 

6. Taj Mahal 1989 

Taj Mahal 1989 takes its audiences through multiple couples’ love stories and journeys with Lucknow city as the backdrop. Where one couple has been married for years and another is simply learning about their feelings for each other. 

5. Lovesick

Lovesick is about a group of friends who live together and their respective romantic lives. But things get a little funnier as one of them is diagnosed with Chlamydia, and as he decides to call up all his previous sexual partners to inform them of this.

4. Mismatched 

Mismatched revolves around Dimple Ahuja and Rishi Singh Shekhawat’s love story. One where Dimple is an ambitious young woman and Rishi believes in old-school romance. 

3. Romance Is A Bonus Book 

Romance Is A Bonus Book is a Korean show. It is about two people who reunite after a long pause in their friendship, unfortunately, this time around, where one is a successful editor for a publishing company, the other has lost years of her life to a toxic marriage. 

2. Crash Landing On You

This one is a Korean show that is about a talented young businesswoman by the name of Se-ri who ends up falling for a man from the North Korean army, Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok. But how they meet is what will truly have you hooked onto the story. 

1. Bridgerton 

Bridgerton has every element of what a romantic show should have- the intense chemistry, the emotions and of course a good depiction of romance and love. 

So, which one will you be watching this weekend?