Now that the Made In Heaven season 2 trailer is out, there’s something most of us couldn’t help but notice, the last few seconds where we saw the different kind of weddings taking place. Along with the spicy plot line that MIH usually brings to us, it also brings a variety of wedding themes. So, we’ve compiled all the interesting themes that have caught our eye from the last season and in the recent trailer to share it with you guys, take a look:

1. A European Wedding

All those aesthetic videos of couples getting married at Lake Como Italy have left us with a thirst of seeing some kind of content around a fancy European venue for wedding – so this is perfect!

2. A Buddhist Wedding

There is just something so beautiful about the white and gold sarees that many South Indian brides wear. Isn’t there?

3. A Royal Wedding

Who doesn’t like feeling like a queen or king on their wedding day, and this particular wedding from the recent MIH trailer looks pretty darn regal.

4. A Destination Wedding

Ever since we watched YJHD, a destination wedding has been on our bucket-list for quite some time (whether that means being on the guest list or having one yourself).

5. A Garden Wedding

If you’re a bit of nature lover than this scene form the Made In Heaven S2 trailer may have caught your eye. I mean, getting married in so much greenery seems pretty surreal.

6. A Big Fat Desi Wedding

If you want to stay put, and can’t imagine getting married in Italy or in another state, then we bet you’re planning on having a grand AF wedding (or not, we don’t judge). If that’s the case, Angad and Aliya’s wedding from S1 might be your thing.

Made in Heaven
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

7. A Gurudwara Wedding

There is something so, so peaceful and gentle about Gurudwara weddings. No loud music, no throng of guests, just you, your person, and your closest ones – sounds good, right?

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

8. A No-Fuss Registry Marriage

Don’t enjoy the idea of wearing heavy, blingy clothes? Then a no-fuss registry marriage might just be your cup of tea.

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

9. A Rich & Royal Wedding

I know, I know, we’ve already mentioned a royal wedding. But there’s always two kinds of royal weddings – one is a little on the modern end, while the other is more on the traditional end (like this one from season 1).

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

10. A White Wedding

If you envision yourself in a white bridal gown, rather than a bridal lehenga, then that’s perfectly fine. Go for it. It’s your big day, ultimately. Right?

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

So, which one is your jam?