You must know people who often find themselves fondly reminiscing the 90s. 

To be honest, we do it all the time too. But then, here’s where we pop your bubble and make you see the bad (so bad that it’s good) that came out of the 90s as well! 

Take for example, the Bollywood photo-shoots from that time. 

Even after reckless Google searches and comprehensive conversations with my fellow writers, we haven’t been able to get to the basic thought behind some of those pictures. This is where logic betrays you, my friends. 

Welcome to the ‘best’ of the 90s that even science can not explain!

 1. This is what happens when you mix your drinks.


2. They say that you are what you eat. Is Madhuri moong ki dal?


3. Next time you use the word ‘literally’, make sure you’re a living proof of it!


4. Science? Hello? Can someone explain? We need answers! 


5. Sheikh: “Hey Mithun, how about we go for a swim?”

Mithun: “Let’s do it.”

Sheikh: “WTF! That’s my well of oil.”


6. Every time you think that you’ve made a bad choice in life, do some introspection. If it doesn’t look like anything like this, then it isn’t a bad choice.


7. This picture, is well, bangin’!


8. When you’re sexy and you know it, and you ain’t afraid to show it!


9. Rare picture of the first alien to have come out of PK‘s spaceship, way back in the 90s.


10. She: “Hey man, nice perfume. What are you wearing?”

He: “Come, take a whiff.”

Filmy Magic

11. She: “You’re my most precious gift.”

He: “I got you, fam!”


12. Thongs for men. Aren’t you glad that the 90s are over?


13. The black-buck didn’t die because of natural causes. Though Bhai wasn’t the one hunting, it was THIS man.

india forums

14. People were so invested in making thongs for men that they forgot to make ’em any shirts. But hey, Anil Kapoor’s got it covered! (pun intended)

Daily Bhaskar

15. And Chunky Pandey being Funky Pandey.


We bet you’ll think twice before saying that the 90s were the best. If you still don’t believe us, then you deserve to see this picture of Ranjeet.