Coincidence – The fact of corresponding in nature or in time of occurrence.

I’m sure you have been witness to this phenomenon many times. But some events are so weirdly connected that they are borderline eerie. And of course, controversial as well. Hollywood is no stranger to controversy or such happenings . So get ready to be baffled by some of the weirdest coincidences that have occurred in Hollywood over the years.

1. The Poltergeist trilogy was a curse upon the its cast. Dominique Dunne, who played the lead’s elder sister in the first film, was killed by her boyfriend that year.

Source: thedailybeast

2. Heather O’ Rourke, the lead in the movie, was only 6 when it came out. She was wrongly diagnosed and died, aged 12.

Source: rememberlittleangels

3. Julian Beck, who played an evil preacher called ‘Kane’, died of stomach cancer as soon as the 2nd movie finished.

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4. And Will Sampson who played the ‘Medicine Man’ in the second movie died when the third movie came out.

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5. Then there is the 27 Club which includes artists who die, aged 27. Like Kurt Cobain, who allegedly shot himself in the head with a shotgun.

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6. Even Jim Morrison, who is said to have died of heroin overdose, was 27 at the time of his death.

Source: avmax

7. Jimi Hendrix, the guitarist, who aspirated on his own vomit and succumbed to asphyxia was also aged 27 and became part of the club.

Source: guitarworld

8. Amy Winehouse, sadly also became part of the club when she died of alcohol poisoning at 27 years of age.

Right after her death, she broke the Guinness World Record for the most songs by a female singer to simultaneously appear on the UK Singles Chart, with 8.

Source: imagerex

9. In another bone chilling incident, director Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered in similar fashion to a character in his movie, ‘Rosemary’s baby’. She was 8 months pregnant and killed by the Manson family.

The character in the was also an impregnated woman, married to a celeb and besieged by a cult of devil worshipers.

Source: magment

10. In a freaky coincidence, Bruce Lee’s son was targeted by a demon in a movie and really died the same year the movie released.

‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’, had a scene where Lee fights off a demon only to see that it was targeting his son.


11. And the way his son died was coincidentally enacted, years ago, by Bruce Lee himself in a different movie called ‘Game of Death’.

In the movie, Lee plays a character who is shot on the set of a film with a real gun that was assumed to be fake. That is exactly how Brandon Lee died in real life, while shooting for a movie, ‘The Crow’. It was based on his father’s life.

Source: reddit

12. The infamous Superman curse is no better. George Reeves, who was Superman on the TV show ‘Adventures of Superman’, was killed with a gunshot wound in 1959.

He was only 45.

Source: TIME

13. Even Christopher Reeve, who also played Superman, got paralysed in a horse riding incident in 1995. He died in 2004, aged 52.

Source: amongmen

14. And Lee Quigley, who played Superman as a baby in 1978, died at the age of just 14.

Source: deadones

15. The weird Oscar jinx has ended many relationships. Like Julia Roberts, who won the Oscar for ‘Erin Brockovich’ in 2001, separated from her then-boyfriend Benjamin Bratt.

Source: womansday

16. Hilary Swank, who won the Oscar for ‘Million Dollar Baby’ in 2005, divorced her husband Chad Lowe.

Source: womansday

17. Even Reese Witherspoon, who won the Academy Award for ‘Walk the Line’ in 2006, separated with her husband, Ryan Phillipe, that year.

They parted ways after 7 years of wedlock.

Source: womansday

18. And Sandra Bullock, who won the Oscar in 2010 for the film, ‘The Blind Side’, also got jinxed. She and her husband, Jesse James, were divorced that year.

Source: womansday

19. In an ironic coincidence, before being part of a fatal car crash in his Porsche in 1955, James Dean had shot a public ad against speeding on the highway.

His car was named the “The Little Bastard”.

Source: motorauthority

20. Two other guys, Troy McHenery and William Exchrid, who bought parts of the car were both killed in car crashes.

Source: cometoverhollywood

21. During the shoot of ‘The Omen’ in 1976, writer David Seltzer and actor Gregory Peck’s planes were struck by lightning. They were both going in separate directions.

Source: lecinemadreams

22. A special effects consultant crashed his car resulting in his assistant on the passenger seat being cut in half. This happened on Friday the 13th in August of the same year.

When he crawled out of the car, he allegedly saw a sign that read ‘Ommen 66.6 kms’.

Source: youtube

23. During the shoot of the film, Gregory Peck’s son reportedly killed himself.

Source: corbisimages

24. Peck also cancelled a flight to Israel which ended up crashing and killing everyone on board.

Source: vickielester

Baffled? Well… Somethings have no explanation. While some are just left unexplored.