Friday night! The night loaded with plans, parties and full power raging is something everyone looks forward to. But, more often than not, you find yourself alone at home because, guess what, life isn’t a movie. So if you find yourself stuck at home on Friday night with nowhere to go, fret not, we got this. Here’s a list of 10 things you can possibly do:

1. Stock up! You have to learn to party by yourself.

Get ice cream or beverages that serve as great accompaniments to loneliness. Before you know it, you’ll be having fun on your own. Alone but not lonely.

The Manly Housekeeper

2. Switch on all the lights (LEDs, preferably)

A brighter room is normally not a depressing room. Who cares about painting the town red when you can set your room on fire!

3. Take a hot, long shower. 

You don’t have to rush anywhere. You have no one to answer to and you can probably wake up late on Saturday morning. So take your own sweet time!


4. Make yourself breakfast. 

There’s no rule you need to follow on a lonely Friday night. You are the king/queen of your time.

Living Life Lovely

5. Go to 

It’s the smartest way to waste your time. Everything there is interesting.

Static World

6: Switch. Your. Phone. Off. 



7. Or leave it on.

You could catch up with an old friend. Or delete the numbers you don’t need.

8: Eat pizza naked!

Because, who can stop you? You’re alone! Unless you live with your parents/roommates… then just eat pizza in appropriate attire.


9: Check the unread messages and spam messages on Facebook.

It’s quite entertaining at times.

Runt Of The Web

10: Binge watch! 

Absorb hours of video with breaks only at a time convenient to you. Go to the loo when you want, rewind when you haven’t heard a line properly and skip a scene if you think you might not want to watch it.

But you shouldn’t have a problem like that with Baked Season 2… Oni, Harris and Body are back. all episodes out on Friday, 9th December.