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Answer These Questions And We'll Tell You What You Should Binge-Watch This Weekend

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Despite what social media may claim, for us 'millennials', the reality is, most of us spend weekends lazing around - hunting for the next best thing to watch while dreaming about all the trips we are not taking and chores we haven't completed. 

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So if you too are someone who still looks for an 'adultier adult' in all situations, awkward or otherwise, then take this quiz and we'll pick a show for you to binge watch this weekend: 

1. Which of the following lines describe adulting for you?

2. Choose your favourite princess story from the following: 

3. Pick an animated character you see yourself in:

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Kung Fu Panda

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Chhota Bheem

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Wreck-it Ralph

via Medium

Master Oogway 

via YouTube

Mickey Mouse 

4. Pick a show from the following to watch:

5. Pick a destination to travel to these summers: 

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The hills are calling

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Take me to the beach, any beach!

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Room se fridge tak hi trip hai

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6. Pick your go-to snack while binge-watching:

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French Fries

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Can never decide. 

7. Which of the following reminds you of your childhood?

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Phantom Cigarettes

via NDTV

There's always chilled water 

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Gully Cricket

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Yahoo! Messenger

All of the above

8. Which of the following phrases would you use as a parent?

Humara zamana hi better tha

Paise ped pe nahin ugte 

Bade hoge tab samajh aaega

Jo bana hai woh kha lo 

Humein batao, we’re like your friends only

Apne time mein humne bhi bahut harkatein kari hai

Time to start binging!


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