When we think about yesteryear Bollywood, we can’t miss thinking about Madhubala, otherwise known as Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi. The actor was one of Bollywood’s most beautiful and talented individuals and is an absolute legend. So no wonder she was so loved, all over the world. 


In fact, Madhubala garnered quite the fan base in Greece. Especially after the second world war. And we’ve even come across this brilliant Twitter thread by The Paperclip describing how the actor’s work and essence was a subject of admiration and a source of solace during the difficult time. 

What’s interesting to read is how Greece and India were, at one point, almost running parallel in terms of societal themes. So Greece’s working class and immigrants found comfort in the many songs they hummed from Indian the films of the 1950s and 60s. 

Because at the time, India had separated from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and our films were depicting themes of the trying times of refugees, migrants and citizens being displaced. Which was similar to the kind of grief that the people of Greece were feeling then. 

So many Bollywood films had been released in Greece at the time, that the country ended up making renditions of the films’ songs in their native language. Multiple Greek singers have performed songs featuring Madhubala as a tribute to the country’s people and the actor herself, who was also fondly referred to as ‘the Aphrodite from India.’ Phew! Talk about appreciation for someone’s beauty!

What a beautiful thread! We’re glad we found this one.