Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez celebrated new year’s eve in the most glamorous way.

While we still process the chic pictures shared by Bezos on his Instagram account, we wonder who is the lady love with him?  

Meet Lauren Sanchez, an Emmy-award-winning journalist, and Founder at Black Ops Aviation & Vice-Chair. 

She is a journalist and a pilot, born on 19th December 1969 in New Mexico. Lauren Sanchez is a qualified helicopter pilot and owner of Black Ops Aviation, the first female-owned aerial film and production company founded in 2016.

With a keen interest in communication and media, she studied at El Camino College in Torrance, California. As per reports, she even made it to the dean’s list and wrote for the university newspaper The Warwhoop. 

She further majored in communications from the University of Southern California to step into the world of media.

Lauren started her career as a desk assistant at KCOP-TV in LA. It was just the beginning of her career in journalism, she later rose to become a TV anchor and reporter for KTVK-TV and Extra in Phoenix.

In style

Following her career in journalism, she has worked with Fox Sports Net, where she badged multiple Emmy nominations and some other news outlets like KTTV and The View.

In 2005, Lauren hosted Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance and worked for entertainment news channel Extra. 

Lauren was featured in People’s ‘50 Most Beautiful’ issue in 2010. She has also made several cameo appearances in films, including The Dark Knight, Fight Club, and The Day After Tomorrow.

TV host-turned-helicopter pilot and camerawoman, Lauren now works on film and television projects which allow the entrepreneur to use her skills as a licensed pilot.

I want to be in a helicopter all the time. When I’m up there, I’m completely satisfied. I’m like, ‘This is where I need to be. 

She also talked about how flying has nothing to do with gender and said:

This space is dominated by men. But there’s nothing physical about flying a helicopter. You can be 5-foot-1 or 6-foot-4. There’s no reason more women aren’t in this.

Talking about how she has harbored a lot of shame about being dyslexic she said:

I’m dyslexic and I literally had to put myself in a room and just cram to figure it out. They call them learning differences now, which is really sweet, but growing up I just thought I was stupid. My co-anchors knew I was dyslexic but not many more [did]. I felt like I had to hide it because it just wasn’t something that people talked about.

She is fortunate for her career and has worked extremely hard for it. “We came from nothing, I used to sleep in the back of my grandmother’s car when she would go clean houses, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career.”

Lauren Sanchez was married to Patrick Whitesell back in 2005. Reportedly Lauren met Bezos in 2016 at an event. Both of them developed a working relationship over the years and eventually fell in love. 

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