Netflix’s latest reality TV show Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives is all about the rich and famous. The show has drama, catfights and some unresolved issues. But guess who came to take advantage of exactly that? Bollywood’s self-proclaimed gossip king, Karan Johar. 

The director, producer and TV show host couldn’t help himself from playing a round of Koffee with Karan with these fabulous wives and it got spicier than ever. 

The first time we catch the Bollywood filmmaker on screen, he is ready to play the devil’s advocate and dig the skeletons out of the closet. 10 minutes into lunch with the wives, and he’s asking all the wrong questions. No wonder the wives were so afraid to meet him. Imagine getting yourself mentally prepared to see a friend who may or may not interrogate you? 

Karan had Seema and Bhavana ready to pry each other’s eyes out because he kept asking what the women hate / wanted to change about each other. And it quickly escalated to Seema saying Bhavana did not pick her over another friend and is a people pleaser. Eeks, Karan you’re making a mess! Of course this resulted in a thick layer of animosity that he made absolutely no effort to fix. 

In his agony aunt guise, Karan very conveniently tried staging conversations that had the potential to escalate into heated arguments. 

While it worked once, on his second appearance in episode 7, he couldn’t quite pull it off again. Once bitten, twice shy. Am I right, ladies?

All in all, these women are great friends to each other. They stood by each other through some difficult times and love and encourage each other’s work. Apart from Karan Johar, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with their friendship. 

In the end, did Karan Johar make the show more interesting for us guilty pleasure viewers? YES. But was he also the only reason these friends of 25 years fought with each other? Yes. Guess that’s just good reality TV. 

All images are screenshots from Netflix.