Did you watch Pingu as a kid? Ignoring the fact that he was a strange penguin that went around his day drinking coloured water with a straw and annoying his little brother? Well, we’ve got news for you. 

This show was way more weird than you recall. Twitter and we sat down to watch this show as adults and we can’t get past these strange incidents: 

1. Why was Pingu’s dad always washing and hanging clothes when they didn’t wear any?

2. Why did we spot a black unitard drying in this episode? Were they pretending to be penguins?

3. Why did he wear a fish as a hat? 

4. Pingu peed on the ground once and then wiped it with a towel? Off the ice? And his younger brother more than often casually peed on the ice as well. 

5. Pingu’s mom not-so-casually used to bend him over the knee and spank him 

6. Pingu’s favourite sport was fish tennis, with a fish instead of a ball. 

  7. Pingu had his very own rap song that would have flourished on TikTok.  

8. He had a moving bed that never ever made sense. 

What were these Swiss creators high on?