The South Cinema is receiving a lot of accolades for the movies they have made recently. From RRR- KGF- to Pushpa, the content they created had massive box numbers and was loved by the janta. Contrary to that, Bollywood movies like Gangubai Kathiawadi, Darlings, and Badhai Do were appreciated by a few audiences.   

Every entertainment industry has its flaws that they need to get done with. But it looks like things are getting worse for Bollywood as the hate they are receiving from the audience doesn’t seem to stop. People on Reddit have discussed why Bollywood is criticised more for its content compared to South cinema. 

1. Comparing bad Bollywood films with the best ones.

People have this misconception that the south is the paragon of great content because they compare the worst Bollywood movies with the best south movies. 

2. Bollywood has more exposure in India.

Bollywood unfortunately or fortunately is consumed by all of India and therefore the entire country is in on what’s happening there, so there’s even more critical. It’s just an exposure thing. As the exposure for south Indian and other regional films increases in the north, more criticisms will start coming out too.

3. The new talent in Bollywood lacks a lot of things.

Because I think South India has a strong story in their Cinema. And have more Actresses and actors who can portray any kind of role. I’m very sorry to say but Bollywood now lacks many things. There are a few actors who have the potential but the story will not be strong then. And if you look at the case of actresses, I don’t see anyone with great potential. It’s like they come for 2 songs, some romance, and fade away (no importance in the script). No offense.

4. South films are visually powerful.

You can’t deny the quality of stories the south puts out compared to Bollywood. Over the decades the south has come a long long way with cinematography, and music, and moved past a lot of the gimmicky comedy stuff they used to bank on. I’m sure it’s still around but not so much anymore. The South is not afraid to act and show some of the ugly in life and it’s so refreshing to see. 

5.  Bollywood is the nonstop production of REMAKES.

Yes, the age gap between stars is there in all industries, and obsession with fair skin is there in all industries. The difference I see in Bollywood is the nonstop production of REMAKES. There’s a gem of a film here and there but otherwise, I started losing overall hope for Bollywood to have some originality. The celebs follow a lot of western culture tactics and Botox everything up to the point where they can’t even make a facial expression.

6. Because the new talent gets popular even before a movie.

Maybe some of the issues are that the Bollywood nepo kids are showing off a lot more than they have done the work for. Who gets a Vogue cover magazine for simply not doing anything to deserve it? Who gets over a million followers before even releasing her first movie? Do followers count as popularity and a measure of success? These things don’t apply as much in the south but the north seems to care a lot about it. In the south, it doesn’t matter who’s son or daughter you are; if you suck, the audience will make sure you know it, and directors and producers definitely respond to that and won’t cast them (example: Fahadh Faasil) for years.

Many Redditors pointed out that south films have the same problems as Bollywood but it’s the reach and content that make the difference. Here are some more reasons.

Irrespective of the industry, Bollywood needs to up its content game now and the Boycott trend needs to stop. Do you agree? 

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