Queen – the movie that made us learn that a woman should take a chance and become her own prince charming, rather than waiting for one. With a number of gorgeous backdrops, relatable characters and an oh-so-fresh plotline, this movie made a home in the audience’s hearts, soon after its release.

It has been nine long years and the industry still hasn’t been able to churn out another movie like that.

From transforming an apprehensive set of parents, who would send a young son to act as chaperones for their adult daughter, to introducing some warm-hearted firangi characters, the movie ticked off all the right boxes.

And, of course, we just can’t forget the best character of the movie – Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon). She was bold, supportive and fun! Honestly, deep down, we all need a friend like her.

Come, let’s relive their journey once again, shall we?

Right in the character’s introductory scene, we knew that she’s the bold chick who wouldn’t take crap from anyone. She, without thinking twice, confides in a stranger to discuss her bedroom issues. 

Now, not everyone can do it.

However, when Vijayalakshmi realises that she went a little overboard with her feelings, she instantly showed up and apologised to the stranger, who eventually became her best friend, Rani (Kangana Ranaut).

When our not-so-confident protagonist lost her way after coming from her dinner, without her passport and visa, Vijayalakshmi was again there to help her.

In fact, she made a few bucks out of it as well. Smooth, right?

And then came the cutest scene, when the duo bonded over a cheese tomato sandwich, late at night. To be honest, that single scene taught us how two people can be so different, yet so alike.

The duo, who had poles-apart personalities, also shared some brilliant similarities. From being extremely compassionate to having their desi roots in the same nation, they both had a lot to bond over.

Next up, they both meet again at a wild nightclub party. Rather than running away from the drama and bitching, Vijayalakshmi constantly sat with her friend and heard her sob story.

Later, she even helps her friend to step and dance her heart out on the bar countertop.

From dancing on the road with firangi strangers to having the most interesting conversation about farts and burps, Vijayalakshmi brought out a very different and fun side of Rani, that even she herself wasn’t aware of.

Now, if that isn’t friendship, tell me what is?

Vijayalakshmi did not just make her friend enjoy every ounce of her time in a foreign land, she decided to change her clothing and style too. Even though her friend was sceptical at first, she persisted and then we saw how happy she was.

And that, my friend, is the power of a beautiful friendship.

Not just her friend, she taught the audience to take life as it’s supposed to be taken- lightly with a tadka of masti.

She gave us a perfect recipe for a peaceful life and no, we are not complaining.

In fact, she was standing with her in her toughest times. Yes, she didn’t leave her friend alone to deal with the purest form of evil- relatives.

Also, are relatives equally annoying in foreign countries as they are in India?

Then, came my absolute favourite part when her friend didn’t feel like clubbing, Vijayalakshmi, without complaining, took her to experience a once-in-the-lifetime adventure – to watch the Eiffel Tower illuminating the entire city.

The scene was simply breathtaking and gave us some serious goals to recreate the moment with our BFFs.

In just a couple of days, she managed to make a huge impact on not only her friend but on the audience too.

From being a helpful stranger to a wonderful friend, she gave us a truckload of good memories that it was almost impossible to say goodbye to her.

Where do I sign up for a friend like Vijayalakshmi?

Take it all easy because Vijay nahi toh kya hua, Vijayalakshmi toh hain!

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.