Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – whenever we think about or watch this movie, the iconic group instantly pops into our heads. From a relatable plotline and foot-tapping songs to brilliant characters, this movie has given a lot of things to our generation.

The movie is our go-to pick to watch with friends, family, or when we are alone and can’t figure out anything new to watch.

Now that we have watched this movie about a few thousand times, I recently realised that while the entire audience simps over Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) and Avi (Aditya Roy Kapur), I always wanted a friend and partner like Taran (Kunaal Roy Kapur).

Let me start off by mentioning that maybe he wasn’t perfect, maybe he messed up things sometimes or maybe he wasn’t a perfect dancer but he was an on-point friend, confidante and fiancé. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling down.

Aditi (Kalki Koechlin), who was in love with her best friend, could never confess her love to him. Yes, she kept getting jealous and sad when her feelings were not reciprocated but never told him because she knew he was a flirt.

However, it was Taran, who entered her life like an angel and taught her what love actually is.

Yes, he was a little clumsy because he cared about every tiny thing related to the love of his life. He (who’s filthy rich and probably has about 50 people around him to help him) frickin’ jumped in the pool to look for his engagement ring because that’s their token of love. Isn’t that sweet?

And, he finds it too!

In a world, where men generally get jealous of their girlfriend/wife’s male best friends, he literally hugged him like a ‘brother’, (did you see what I did there?) when he met him for the first time. He was genuinely happy about the fact that people really care and love them.

Now, who can forget their glamorous sangeet party? Even though he had no knowledge about dancing and was nervous as fuck right before his performance on Ooh La La, he chugged down some neat tequila and danced his heart out. He didn’t care about people but only wanted to make his fiancée happy.

And of course, he set the stage on fire!

And then came my favourite part, where he made a home in my heart, forever. When everyone, including us, thought that he was being jealous and taking her away when she was talking to her best friend, he was actually stopping her from insulting him. He took a stand for Avi, who had a ₹2 lakhs bill pending for poker and alcohol.

It proved that he’s not only a great human but an amazing friend, as well.

After the entire fiasco, he not only came apologising to her for the little fight but also asked her friend to come with them because he simply didn’t want anyone to feel left out on his special day. How sweet, right?

While some were happy seeing these friends going on a trip and then re-uniting, I know how my heart and eyes were full when I saw two of them getting hitched. The smiles on their faces spoke volumes about their love, warmth and relationship. It made us crave a pure relationship like theirs too!

Just look how cute and excited they both look together when they finally went on their honeymoon! *adorbs*

Well, we all need a Taran in our lives ASAP!

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.