Warning: Spoilers!

Sacred Games 2
might have caught up with the ending of the book, but it’s possible that they could make a third season of the crime extravaganza. While this season resolved several of our questions, it gave birth to a million more as well. 


One of the main questions revolves around how Yadav Tai and Anjali Mathur were connected.

When Sartaj goes to interview ex-IB officer KD Yadav, he finds a shell of a person with a brain addled due to a bullet to the head. However, when Sartaj mentions Anjali Mathur, it triggers something disturbing in Yadav’s memory. She starts crying and pointedly says ‘Bloody Mathur’. 

We already know that Yadav and her husband knew Anjali as a kid, and several people have theorised that Yadav had an affair with Anjali’s dad, especially in view of her stony reaction to seeing him murdered. 


There was also the massive revelation that Shahid Khan’s mother and Sartaj’s mother were sisters separated at birth. Despite its magnitude, the scene lasted mere moments.

Another character who’s brain has started failing them is Shahid Khan’s mother. Extremely old, frail, and likely suffering from Alzheimer’s, she has a flashback to a time during the partitions where she was separated from her family, who were forced to leave the country. It then cuts to a scene where Sartaj’s mother is looking at a family photo featuring the same woman.

This means Shahid and Sartaj are cousins, something that really can’t be glossed over. However, it’s also possible that this connection exists as another means to depict how everyone is connected, according to the theory by Guruji’s father.  


Then of course, there’s the question of whether Mumbai even survived, and whether Guruji is actually alive.

The second season cuts to black before we know whether Sartaj entered the correct code and saved Bombay, leaving us with a massive cliffhanger.


Another detail that the show leaves murky is whether Guruji is actually alive or not. While he is apparently smothered to death by Gaitonde, the question about him being alive keeps coming up. 

It’s also not clear exactly how Jojo knew about the plan to use Gaitonde, or whether she was just goading him along so he would kill her, as she didn’t have the courage to kill herself.


So there you have it – a big ol’ bucket of questions with no answers in sight. It’d be quite sadistic to end the show while the viewers get so little closure, so it’s possible they might make a third season. Even Game of Thrones did it!

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