From the time we, as young women, discover it, to the time we, as adult women, spend exploring it, at times losing it, and eventually rediscovering it, orgasms are a very real part of our lives. 

And that’s exactly what Jidnya Sujata talks about, in her piece Dear Orgasms, which she performed for Spill Poetry. 

She starts her piece by going down memory lane to the point where she accidentally discovered what an orgasm felt like – and then spent a fair share of time exploring it in leisure. 

She recounts how orgasms were there for her even when the world wasn’t. 

But, over the years, society’s illogical ‘morals’ made her shy away from her own orgasms. Now, finally, she is apologizing to the orgasm she may have inadvertently scared away. 

And she is once again hoping, and patiently waiting, for a happy ending. You can watch the complete piece here

Design credits: Muskan Baldodia