SRK has time and again stolen our hearts with his hilarious wit, unbeatable talent and kindness, both, on-screen and off-screen. Needless to mention, everyone who has had the chance to meet him, has an intriguing tale to share about their meeting.

Rudrani, a social media user, took to her account and shared a short tale of when she met the actor as a child and it proves that he’s the real star.

Credits: Twitter

The netizen, who met the actor when she was in sixth grade, was volunteering for a newspaper in 2001, when he was shooting in Kolkata for his historical drama, Asoka.

She wrote about how the actor, among a crowd of prominent journalists, agreed to do an interview with her for a whopping 45 minutes.

“He looked at us, smiled and said ‘first of all, you two must tell me your names’. He spoke to us at length about his life, treated us like peers, and apologised for every time his phone rang.”

Credits: Koimoi

Concluding her tweet, she wrote:

“SRK was humble, soft-spoken and funny throughout that interview. And we were ickle children with many journalists waiting outside. He spoke to us for 45 minutes! His team was annoyed but we couldn’t care less.”

Credits: CNN

The user, who originally tweeted her story in 2021, reshared her old tweets and welcomed the actor back as Pathaan roars into the box office.

SRK is called king for a reason.