You know what I don’t get? People who send dick pics to women on social media.

But you know what I don’t get even more? What are we even supposed to do after we receive these awfully disgusting images? I mean, it’s 2021 and it still doesn’t do anything for us. 

Speaking of which, we found a Reddit thread of women who shared exactly what they do when they get these unsolicited images. And, we’re loving it. 

From making a painting out of it to calling them out publicly, some of these responses are quite interesting. I might just even give them a try, who knows? 

1. “Laugh at them and say “that’s cute.” – Saba-baby 

2. “I either stare and admire them or secretly make fun of them.” – Alannah_boo 

3. “One of my friends is an artist and a few years ago when she was single she decided to paint a series of the dick pics she was sent.” – Environmental-Cat983

4. “I just block them. Not worth my time.” – marie-llama

5. “I send it to their wives with a note “honey, you can do better.” – OwnBackground6676 

6. “Send it to my friends so we can laugh at it together.” – XoGossipgoat94 

7. “I make a calendar with the “funniest” ones and give them out as Christmas gifts.” – LATourGuide 

8. “I don’t even click on links in DMs from randos. It could be a duck and not a dick, but I’d never know.” – timetobeatthekids 

9. “Not a woman, but I always thought they should create the IDDB or the International Dick Database when you can send unsolicited dick picks. Then they could match the dick with a face.” – Afro_Thunder_KC 

10. “Honestly, I just ignore them. I won’t start a fight with the guy just for that. Ignore and block, simple.” – Pickle_Rick_S 

11. “Delete them.” – MissConduct0120 

12. “I just take a screenshot and say “Look at what your son sent me!” and they apologize and I just laugh.” – A_Fuckin_Gremlin 

Ah, Reddit – the one place you can find all the answers.